Business Engineering Book + Workshop

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In the last decade, on FourWeekMBA, we developed our way of looking at the business world. After analyzing hundreds of business models, we created thousands of case studies and built our business thinking toolbox. 

One concept slowly picked up: Business Engineering.

While for many, business engineering is something more technical connected to attaching technology to business processes.

As per FourWeekMBA research, business engineering stands for an understanding of the business world that comes from various disciplines so you can:

  • Break down any industry as an investor or analyst,
  • Launch a digital/tech business,
  • Or help it grow as an executive/manager.

Who is this book for?

  • Investor/Analyst.
  • Product Manager/Executive/Manager.
  • Entrepreneur.
  • Business Practitioner.

The book comprises:

  • 1120 pages,
  • 7 main sections,
  • 23+ chapters,
  • Hundreds of case studies,
  • Hundreds of graphics,
  • Original analyses and frameworks developed by FourWeekMBA.

What about the workshop?

If you get the full package option, you find 100+ minutes of the recorded workshop, which guides you through the whole discipline.

The author, and creator of FourWeekMBA, Gennaro Cuofano, guides you through the whole curriculum, with hundreds of graphics.

In addition, to that, you find a 130+ slide deck that you can use to review the whole Business Engineering discipline.

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Business Engineering Book + Workshop

28 ratings
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