Blockchain Business Models


In 2008, someone from Satoshi Nakamoto's pseudonym sent the first email to Hal Finney, the first user of what would become one of the most promising projects after the Internet: Bitcoin. 

The underlying technology Blockchain has paved the way to develop the missing layer to make the web exponentially more powerful to embrace anything from global payments to digital ownership.

In this new book from the FourWeekMBA Business Books Series, we tackle all the development of the blockchain ecosystem with in-depth analyses and graphics so you can master this new business playbook!

Book Features: 

  • 450 Pages. 
  • Over 20 analyses on protocols, tokens, and more. 
  • Dozens of case studies. 
  • Hundreds of images/graphics. 
  • Original analyses by FourWeekMBA. 

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Blockchain Business Models

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