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Business Model Innovation Workshop

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Also between September/October, the Business Model Innovation Flagship Course will be launched. Make sure to go back to FourWeekMBA.com to be up to date. 

Why a workshop on business model innovation?

One of the people that I like to follow the most in the business world, venture capitalist, Fred Wilson, in a recent article, highlighted something that many are still missing today:

I believe business model innovation is more disruptive than technical innovation.

That might sound trivial, yet it's not. Most of us believe that technical improvements (what we call technology) are what enabled global changes.

While this is true, there is another component, the business model innovation which caused even more massive changes to our society. That's because technology enables a new way of doing business. And assumptions that in the past were the basis of doing business, suddenly become outdated.

As Fred Wilson further explained:

The move from desktop computing to the web. We saw massive disruption as we went from a licensed software business model to an advertising-supported business model, which has evolved into an advertising/subscription freemium business model.

When new, revolutionary technology finally is widely adopted, that is when a massive phase of business model innovation happens. For instance, we're still looking at how the Internet enabled the digital economy still ongoing explosion.

What do you get?

The workshop will last 90 minutes, and we'll cover:

  • #1: Business models basics for entrepreneurs and professionals
  • #2: Mindset and methodologies of digital entrepreneurship
  • #3: The fundamental tools you need as an entrepreneur and professionals to succeed
  • #4: The critical facets of digital strategy and digital distribution to make your business gain traction
  • #5: How to use business model innovation to build or grow a digital business

What additional bonuses will you get?

  • BONUS #1: Access to live workshop (value $299).
  • BONUS #2: One Year Of Access to the FourWeekMBA Academy Beta launching on January 2020 (value $1200 per year).
  • BONUS #3: The Business Model Innovation playbook, part of the workshop (value $49).
  • BONUS #4: The "An Entire MBA In Four Weeks" which will be the FourWeekMBA Flagship Course available starting from January 2020 (value $499).

In short, you'll get all those things worth $2,047 at only $149!

Will this price be available again in the future?

Unfortunately not!

When does the offer expire?

On July 12th, so hurry up!

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